Pathology Update in Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek & Vail

January 6-9, 2020
Bachelor Gulch Village

Pathologist CME Course in Beaver Creek 2019

Course Brochure

Webb, Müller & Naidich: A Masters Course in Chest Imaging
The Grand Hyatt Kauai
November 11-14, 2019

Drs. Nestor Müller, David Naidich, and Richard Webb present a comprehensive series of lectures and interactive case discussions, covering important and timely topics in chest imaging, including HRCT and diffuse lung disease, airway disease, lung infection, mediastinal masses, lung nodule diagnosis, lung cancer screening, and state of the art diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Emphasis will be placed on interaction with the audience with ample time for questions and discussion. If time allows during the Questions and Answers, a review of cases brought by registrants on their computers may be reviewed one on one with faculty.